Running a business in the Wimmera Southern Mallee

The region offers a supportive and affordable environment for new and established businesses. Many local businesses service a range of local, national and international customers.

Benefits of starting a business in the Wimmera Southern Mallee include: 

  • A supportive environment to start a new business; 
  • Affordable business premises; 
  • Local business support services and programs; 
  • A willing workforce; 
  • A range of training and development options for staff; 
  • Direct transport links to major cities; and
  • Strong support from the local community.

Business Victoria is a comprehensive online resource offering information and workshops designed to help you start, run and grow a business.

Revitalising Wimmera's High Streets

Small business pulse check project

Wimmera Southern Mallee Development commissioned a work with Federation University’s Future Regions Research Centre (Horsham Hub) in 2021/2022 to check in with small businesses across 25 towns in the Wimmera Southern Mallee. The work focused on businesses operating in the retail, tourism, accommodation, and transport spaces.

The focus of the work has been to understand what actions would help support small businesses in the region to prosper in place.

The project provides a critical evidence base about the opportunities and challenges facing small businesses in individual townships across our region, and individualized insight into what is needed to support the revitalization of the businesses in our region.

The report outlines the challenges and proposed actions to support local small businesses to ensure future regional growth and prosperity.

Revitalising Wimmera's High Streets, 2022 (1.2Mb)

Wimmera Business Centre

The Wimmera Business Centre is a Small Business Incubator and offers tenancy to start-up and home-based businesses, as well as offering business advice, services and assistance to small and micro businesses.

Based in Horsham the centre was established to assist new businesses to grow their market and client base. It provides a nurturing environment with reduced rental, subsidised utility costs and mentoring services.

Contact the centre on 03 5381 0300 or