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Leadership Wimmera Graduate Network


About the Graduate Network

The Graduate Network consists of graduates from Leadership Wimmera programs from 2002 - 2017.  

The Leadership Wimmera Graduate Network provides ongoing development, networking and support opportunities for over 500 graduates who have completed the Leadership Wimmera program since its launch in 2002.  

The Graduate Network encourages better communication between all participants.  

This allows these leaders to continue their ‘leadership journey’ by sharing ideas and providing expertise to organisations.  

The Graduate Network has become a visible group in the region for communities to look to for leadership. 

Graduates are all eligible to join the Graduate Network. Interested members of the public are most welcome to attend Graduate Network events. 

If you would like to join contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Leadership Wimmera.

Graduate Network Events 2018

Breakfast with Damien Tomlinson
Tuesday 26th June at Federation University Horsham 7.30am - 9am
Damien is an ex-commando, actor, aspiring Paralympian and inspiring keynote speaker.
Damien's triumph against adversity, positive attitude and ambition for the future continues to resonate with people from all walks of life.  Above all, his incredible journey stands as proof that no challenge is too great and that the ANZAC spirit truly is alive and well.  Book here

Leading Mindfully Workshop
Wednesday 8th August at Coughlin Park Community Centre 7am - 9.30am
Professor Amanda Sinclair is an author, researcher, teacher and consultant in areas of leadership, change, gender and diversity. 
Much of Amanda's recent work has focused on bringing insights and evidence from meditative traditions, mindfulness and neuro-scientific research, to enhancing leadership in corporate, community, medical and hospital, government and other settings. 
As a yoga and meditation teacher she seeks to support people to find enjoyable and sustainable ways of being in leadership.  Book here

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