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WIMMERA football and netball clubs are being encouraged to use the COVID-19 lockdown to take stock of their club’s position and plan for a sustainable future.
Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly in partnership with Wimmera Development Association will host a virtual forum at 7.30pm on Wednesday, May 20 to help equip board and committee members with the skills to make informed decisions moving forward.
The forum will provide board and committee members with a checklist and average financial figures relating to key costs and revenue for football and netball clubs in the region to assist with decision-making.
Wimmera Development Association executive director Chris Sounness said it was important football and netball clubs continued to thrive.
“Sports clubs are the pillars of small communities and are part of what makes our region so attractive,” Mr Sounness said.
“We are in unprecedented times, so it is important boards and committees can have the discussions that will allow them to move forward towards a long and successful future.
“In the past, some of these decisions may have been made without consultation or consideration for the sustainability of the club.
“Working with the Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly, we want to ensure all committee members have the skills necessary to help their clubs thrive and address any common concerns clubs may have.”
Mr Sounness said representatives from all Wimmera league and Horsham and District league clubs were invited to attend the forum via Zoom on Wednesday night.
He said, in addition, the Wimmera Regional Sports Assembly and Wimmera Development Association were keen to identify what additional support football and netball clubs may need to ensure viability and sustainability.