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Sharing the Wimmera's experiences with a changing climate 

Published: August 13, 2021 

Wimmera people might not know it - but they are climate change experts. A new Wimmera Southern Mallee project called Climate-eyes will capture residents’ observations and stories of surviving and adapting in tough climatic times.  

Full report (199kb PDF)

Community project funds awarded

Published: July 16, 2021 

Seven organisations are successful applicants to the Murra Warra Wind Farm 1 Sustainable Community Grants Fund 

Full report (162kb PDF)

Health amalgamation awareness queried 

Published: July 14, 2021 

Wimmera Development Association is seeking to understand the community’s awareness and engagement into a proposed health services amalgamation of Wimmera Heath Care Group, Stawell Regional Health, Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital with Ballarat Health Services.

Full report (154kb PDF)

Growing business knowledge reaps benefits

Published: July 9, 2021 

Entrepreneurs in the Wimmera Southern Mallee have advanced their business knowledge through a locally-run initiative, which concludes this week. Participants of the “Seeds of Growth” program will now take the new skills and connections they have gained into the marketplace.

Full report (164kb PDF)

Family, learning and fun in Stawell 

Published: June 25, 2021 

Stawell Neighbourhood House will open its doors to the town’s emerging South Sudanese community for a day of family learning and fun this weekend. Wimmera Development Association’s Settlement Services will host the day, providing road safety training to adults as well as children’s activities and opportunities to learn more about local services.

Full report (256kb PDF)


Reports and resources

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Annual Reports

Read the latest Wimmera Development Association Annual Report

2020 WDA Annual Report (5Mb PDF)

Previous Wimmera Development Association Annual Reports

2019 WDA Annual Report (3Mb PDF)

2018 WDA Annual Report (3Mb PDF)

2017 WDA Annual Report (6Mb PDF)

2016 WDA Annual Report (5Mb PDF)

Value of water

Value of water

Wimmera Southern Mallee Socio-Economic Value of Recreational and Environmental Water reports

Local weirs, lakes and rivers make an important economic and social contribution to the regional economy. Wimmera Development Association, GWMWater, the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority and local councils have assessed this value each year from 2016 to 2020. The project estimated that the 27 lakes, weir pools and rivers around the region contributed $28.5 million to the local economy in 2019-20.

Trends and Insights 2016-20 (2Mb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee 2020 report (5Mb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee 2019 report (10Mb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee 2018 report (9Mb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee 2017 report (3Mb PDF)

Rocklands Reservoir 2018-19 report (2Mb PDF)

Wimmera River 2016-17 report (1Mb PDF)

Housing review

Industry and infrastructure

Weather radar

The Wimmera Weather Radar benefits review, 2020 (2Mb PDF)

Wimmera Weather - Business Case for Improved Weather Services, 2015 (3Mb PDF)

2011 Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Submission to Bureau of Meteorology (1Mb PDF)


2019 WDA response to the Drought Resilience Funding Plan 2020 to 2024 (760kb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee Agricultural Competitiveness Issues Paper, 2014 (485kb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee Intensive Livestock Mapping Report, 2014 (2Mb PDF)

Remote Data Use in Agriculture, 2013 (2Mb PDF)


 Wimmera Southern Mallee Mining Sector Plan, December 2012 (2Mb PDF)

Workforce and training

WSM National Agricultural Workforce 2020 Submission (820kb PDF)

WDA Wimmera Workforce through VETiS, 2015 report (1Mb PDF)

WDA Future Education and Training Needs of the Agriculture Sector in the Wimmera, 2015 report (2Mb PDF)

 Leadership Wimmera Program Evaluation 2013 Report (2Mb PDF)

Workforce Development in the Grampians Region, 2012 report (2Mb PDF)


Wimmera and Southern Mallee response to Infrastructure Priorities for the Regions, 2021 (170kb PDF)

WDA submission to the Victorian Renewable Energy Zones Development Plan Directions Paper, 2021 (169kb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Housing Review, 2020 summary document (1Mb PDF)

Wimmera and Southern Mallee submision on Regional Digital Connectivity, 2019 (204kb PDF)

Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Transport Strategy, 2014 (2Mb PDF)

Mobile Phone Coverage submission, 2014 (1Mb PDF)

Destination plan


Wimmera Southern Mallee Tourism Collaboration Plan, 2019 (4Mb PDF)

Wimmera Mallee Destination Management Plan, 2019 (5Mb PDF) 

Wimmera and Grampians Indigenous Tourism Feasibility Study, 2017 (3Mb PDF)

Grampians RDV Region Cycling Master Plan and Business Plan, 2018

The cycling masterplan, developed in 2018, aims to establish the Grampians region as a premier tourism destination for road, mountain and recreational cycling. The plan identified opportunities to develop new infrastructure and attract events and the quantifies the potential benefits to the region. 

Launch Presentation (5Mb PDF)

Report Summary (3Mb PDF)

Final Report (14Mb PDF)

Brand and Marketing Framework (4Mb PDF)

Appendix: Local Government Projects (1Mb PDF)