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GRCTMP2A 10-year cycling master plan has set up the Grampians region to benefit from future government investment and an influx of tourism opportunities from an estimated 50,000 visitors that could be drawn to the region through cycling.

Funded through a partnership between State Government (Regional Development Victoria) and 11 Local Government councils, the project has been delivered by Wimmera Development Association and covers an area from Bacchus Marsh through to the South Australian border.

The master plan has created a decade-long pipeline of future projects in the region, covering cycling segments such as mountain biking, road cycling, bike touring and recreational riders, and not only stands to benefit local residents with better cycling infrastructure, but will also provide an added tourism opportunity for the region.

The master plan was launched in September and includes a full economic business case for three key projects:

  • Wimmera River Discovery Trail, stretching from Dimboola to Lake Hindmarsh;
  • Ararat Hills Mountain Bike Park; and
  • Further investment in cycling infrastructure on the existing Goldfields Track between Ballarat and Bendigo.

The economic modelling contained in the business cases makes the projects shovel ready for Government investment, and the master plan is expected to trigger an additional $10 million investment in business services to accommodate the growth in tourists.

Wimmera Development Association Executive Director, Ralph Kenyon said the development of the master plan has been a fantastic collaborative effort of the councils in the Grampians RDV region and shows what can be achieved when organisations work together looking at the bigger picture. 

“This project gives the Grampians Region a 10-year plan to guide a more strategic approach to the opportunities for cycling tourism across the region.”

“We’ve seen what cycle tourism can do in reviving towns like Forrest in the Otway ranges, and Derby in Tasmania, where riders from all over Australia flock to ride the incredible mountain bike trails.”

“Our project has created a road map to attract the investment that is needed to grow a new tourism product in our region,” Mr Kenyon said.

In addition to the master plan, work has been undertaken to develop a regional brand to support promotion of the projects and the entire region as an emerging cycling destination as product takes shape.

Following on from the launch, each participating council will have a summary document and well as a comprehensive project breakdown to assist with further product development, grant applications and/or training opportunities.  It is expected individual Councils will engage with their local cycling groups and committees to plan and implement many facets of the regional report.

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