Wimmera Development Association (WDA) is the peak economic development organisation for the Wimmera Southern-Mallee region supporting existing local businesses, and promoting economic development opportunities to investors.
WDA is a vital link between industry and government; lobbying for improved regional infrastructure, and advocating for regional priority issues. Wimmera Development Association is fortunate to have ACE Radio Broadcasters as a valued patron, and the generous support of GWMWater.


During the COVID-19 period, the WDA have been working remotely.  To assist with this transition, all staff are available by mobile phone.

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Understand your risk - a leadership development opportunity

2021 AICD NFP Registration
April 23, 2021
Are you serving on a committee? Looking to take on a committee role? Maybe you're working in community leadership or governance
Leadership Wimmera will host a program in June that gives people an opportunity to hone their skills in: 
  • Strategy and risk management 
  • Financial management 
  • Understanding your role and responsibilities 
The program, Governance Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors Foundations for Not-for-Profit Directors and delivered by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, is suitable for current or aspiring committee members. Executives can also gain a deeper understanding of the functions of their boards. While the program name refers to non-profits, anyone working in a committee or governance role would benefit. 
The course runs on Sundays June 20 (full day) and June 27 (half day) at Horsham Golf Club.
Discounts apply for non-profit groups and for Regional Skills or Business Leaders graduates.

Some scholarship monies are available. Payment plans are also available.
Limited places are available and online registrations close Friday, May 14.
Leadership Wimmera is proud to offer this opportunity to Wimmera Southern Mallee residents to build their knowledge and skills in a local setting, with local people. 

Employee attraction, retention insights

April 13, 2021

A NEW survey seeks to understand the drivers behind people moving to, or leaving the Wimmera Southern Mallee. 

Wimmera Development Association will manage the survey data on behalf of the region’s leaders, advocates and decision-makers, and employers. 

The survey seeks feedback from people who have moved to the region for work, those who have changed jobs within the region, and those who are leaving for other opportunities. 

Wimmera Development Association executive director Chris Sounness said the survey would detail the region’s strengths, and areas in which to improve in order to retain people for longer periods of time. 

“This survey is not trying to understand the person’s workplace; more the region we live in and how it has attracted people, why people enjoy working in the region and how it can meet their needs and expectations ongoing,” MrSounness said. “This helps employers and leaders of the region to better address the needs and expectations of employees. When people come to the region, we really want them to stay. Unless we ask, we will only make assumptions about what drew them here, what kept them here, or why they opted to move elsewhere.” 

Wimmera Primary Care Partnership executive officer Geoff Witmitz said survey data would assist organisations to work together to attract and retain professionals. 

“The entry survey gives us better insight into why people come to the region to take up a professional career; while the exit survey gives us an idea of what would make them stay. We tend to assume the worst and we don’t talk enough about the positive things that our region has to offer,” MrWitmitz said. 

Wimmera Southern Mallee Regional Partnership chairman David Jochinke said the benefits of the survey were far-reaching. 

“The survey helps uensure we prioritise the issues that make the Wimmera and southern Mallee an enjoyable place to live and work. This information shapes the future projects and policies for infrastructure spend and liveability initiatives,” MrJochinke said. 

Wimmera Development Association facilitates a HR Network group of employers and HR professionals working across the region. 

“The network shares information about how we can make the employment experience better for all,” Mr Sounness said. “If you’re new to the region, changing roles within the region or leaving the region, get in touch with your employer or WDA – we are keen to hear your feedback. This data helps the work of individual businesses and HR Network as a collaboration. This survey will have the most value when we maximise participation and get a diversity of viewabout the region’s livability.” 

The surveys take about 10 minutes to complete and the data remains anonymous.

The survey for new arrivals to the region is available here; the survey for people moving within the region is available here; and for those leaving the region, this survey seeks your feedback here.

Fit for Business Retail Skills Webinar Series

IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!  Sign up today !!

Wimmera Development Association and the Wimmera Business Centre with support from the Victorian State Government proudly present


The Retail Doctor - Retrain for the Retail Revolution Webinar Series

This regionally focussed webinar series will include;

  • Managing inventory to sales forecasts
  • Driving worth/value for your business
  • Understanding your numbers, cashflow and margins
  • Understanding who you customer is
  • Training and coaching staff

and discuss how to build your local market brand including web and social media, merchandising (windows and instore) displays, a more valuable business and your point of difference.


  • Session 1 - 10 March 8-9am Recording available
  • Session 2 - 17 March 8-9am
  • Session 3 - 24 March 8-9am
  • Session 4 - 31 March 8-9am


  • Session 5 - 21 April 8-9am
  • Session 6 - 28 April 8-9am
  • Session 7 - 5 May 8-9am

For further information contact Vernetta Taylor 0419 114 274 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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